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Chesterfield Pictures had arather long life for a " Poverty Row" studio,starting with silents in the mid 20's and continuing until  the mid 30's.It did not have it's own studio,leasing,as many B-companies did,space from Universal and other major companies.Chesterfield merged with Invincible Pictures in 1932 and put out some very entertaining sound products.The management duo of George Batcheller and Maury Cohen were responsible for most of Chesterfield-Invincible's output.

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Some of the staff(directors,writers and edtors)was very proficient at their respective crafts and went on to bigger and better things.Some of the better directors were Richard Thorpe andCharles Lamont.The talented staff of writers included Karen DeWolfe,Paul Perez and Charles Belden.The man at the cutting table for the most part in the 30's was Roland Reed who was a very talented individual.

Chesterfield's Product was not that Bad ,and had it not been for the depression,Chesterfield might have had a longer life.It stopped production in 1935