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Reference Material-"B"Movies,By Don Miller; Poverty Row Studios,1929-1940,By Michael R. Pitts; Grand National,Producers Releasing Corporation and Screen Guild/Lippert,By Ted Okuda; The Monogram Checklist,By Ted Okuda; Hollywoods Poverty Row,By Gene Fernett

All of the Movie Poster Books Published By Bruce Hershenson

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Who I Am And Why I Did This

I was born in Delaware County ,Ohio in 1938.I have seen most of the films mentioned in the histories.It is very enjoyable to produce a web page like this because movies,especially B-movies, have always been my favorite hobby. I became interested in colllecting films and movie paper when I was in high school.I have been collecting for over 40 years.

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Puritan Pictures

    Puritan Pictures existed for a short span of several years,but during this time they distributed and produced some really good Tim McCoy westerns .They also produced some action melo-dramas such as "I'll Name The Murder" and "The Reckless Way".The main producer during this early period of Puritan was  C. Burr.Other producers at Puritan were Sigmund Neufeld(a familiar name on poverty row),Nat Ross and Franchon Royer.Some of the Directors were Ford Beebe,Elmer Clifton and Sam Newfield,all familiar directors on poverty row.During it's short life(1935-1938),Puritan produced an above average product.