Monogram Pictures

When the Monogram logo appeared on the screen,everyone knew they were in for a good bit of action and adventure. Monogram was founded by W. Ray Johnston in the early 1930's.They produced many low budget features from 1930 until 1935.At this time Trem Carr was in charge of production.Another independent producer,Paul Malvern,also released his Lone Star western productions through Monogram.Monogram was fortunate to have a good father and son combination of Robert N. Bradbury, writer and director,and Bob Steele,cowboy actor, on their roster.Bradbury scripted almost all of Monogram's and Lone Star's early western output.During this early Monogram period they also produced action melodramas,classics and mysteries.

In 1935 Johnston and Carr were invited to merge Monogram with several other smaller independent companies to form Republic Pictures.After a short time in this new venture,Johnston and Carr decided to pull out and restart Monogram.This proved to be a smart move.as they probably would not have enjoyed as much independence at Republic under Herbert Yates.

 Some of the early stars at Monogram,who went on to greater fame were, Preston Foster(Sensation Hunters 1933),Randolf Scott(Broken Dreams 1933),Lionel Atwill(The Sphinx 1933) and John Wayne.

In 1946,Monogram wanted to produce some bigger budget motion pictures so they formed the Allied Artist subsidiary.In 1953 Monogram,in order to project a classier image, changed the name of the company to Allied Artist.

Monogram was the king of the motion picture series.They produced the following series and more.Charlie Chan,The Trail Blazers,The Range Busters,The Rough Riders,The Cisco Kid,The Teen Agers,Bomba The Jungle Boy,Joe Palooka(from the comicstrip),The East Side Kids and Bowery Boys and many more.Monogram was a well run company and survived where others had failed.

Charlie Chan

Joe Palooka

Leo Gorcey and The Bowery Boys

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Roland Winters-Monogram's last Charlie Chan