Before we can start any history on PRC we must go back to Producers Distributing Company and Producers Pictures Corporation.These companies were formed in 1939 by Ben Judell.Judell's prime interest at this time was to make pictures that could fill the void left by the demise of many B-movie production companies,especially Grand National.Judell hired Sigmund Neufeld and placed him in charge of westen film production,which was to be PDC's primary output at this time.PDC had a very impressive list of dirctors at such as Sherman Scott,Victor Halperin,Robert Tansey and more.PDC produced some pictures,Built a western set in Arizona and spent a lot of money.In early 1940,Judell found himself deeply in debt and facing bankruptcy.

Sigmund Neufeld changed the name of the company to Producer's Releasing Corporation when he took it over from Judell.He could not pull the new company out and it was still floundering.Enter Pathe Corporation one of the creditors.Pathe took over PRC still retaining the PRC name.Henry Briggs was named cheif officer in the company.Aiding Briggs was Leon Fromkess (Monogram) and  George Batcheller(Chesterfeild).There was some turmoil at PRC,as Briggs and then Fromkess both resigned as president of the company due to disputes with Pathe. PRC merged with Eagle Lion Film Corporation,a British company owned by J. Arthur Rank, in 1947 and ceased to exist anymore as Producers Releasing Corporation.PRC during it's time did produce some series such as Billy The Kid.Early on this series starred Bob Steele and later starred Buster Crabbe.PRC put out a very good product.They made just about any picture you could want to see such as westerns,horror,action and some melodrams.On occasion PRC produced movies such as The Enchanted Forest which could command top billing in many theaters.I personally liked PRC very much.

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